THE GOLDEN TIP is translated from the Serbian original, which was published on March 21 2008 by the publisher L’Atelier de la Liberté in Amsterdam (ISBN/EAB 978-90-74724-08-1), who also possesses the copyright thereof. The Dutch translation entitled DE GOUDEN TIP – De verstrengeling van onder- en bovenwereld en de moord op G. J. HEIJN, published in October 2008 by the Willehalm Institute Press in Amsterdam was also used for the English translation. The book is available directly from the publisher, on, through the book stores and elswhere on the internet.

    Dedication to Iris Mitric - de Vries

    List of Contents

    J'Accuse - Appeal for Justice by the Translate/Publisher

    Open Letter to Hank Heijn, Widow of G. J. Heijn


    Dramatis Personae (Selected)

    Chapter 1 - Press Conference in Amsterdam

    Chapter 82 - In which the Canadian Sings Gypsy Scholar


    Appendix 2 - Prof. C.F. Rüter’s Testimony

    Appendix 3 - Karate Bob, Premier Lubbers And The Muslim Bomb

    Appendix 4 - Curriculum Vitea Slobodan R. Mitric

    Appendix 5a - Reserve Police International

    Appendix 5b - World Leaders Supporting Reserve Police International

    Appendix 6 - Open Letter to Queen Beatrix

    Appendix 7 - Operation Twins I

    Appendix 8 - Operation Twins II

    Appendix 9 - Collage of Books and Video’s by Slobodan Mitric

    Appendix 10 - How The Grail Sites Were Found

    Appendix 11 - World Economy as Social Organics

    Appendix 12 - The Creation of an Overworld

    Objectives of the Willehalm Institute Press Foundation

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