Chapter 12


It is midnight, a gentle breeze makes this sultry summer night bearable.

In the royal palace, ultra-modern air conditioners have said goodbye to the heat.

Everyone has long ago fallen asleep, except of course the royal guards responsible for the security of the world's most powerful royal family inside but also outside the palace.

In the luxury bedroom of Prince Charles and his beautiful young wife a light is burning; Princess Diana is still awake. Her husband Prince Charles returned late this evening from a business trip, at least that is what he said. But Diana knows better, she is after all not from Mars. Charles was with his former mistress Camilla, whom Diana during a fight with her husband called Camel.

Princess Diana turns the light off and goes over to the window. She looks onto the yard beneath the window of the bedroom and notices a powerfully built bodyguard leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette.

†† Secretly she stares at him.

The bodyguard throws the butt on the ground and extinguishes it with his heel. He goes to the wall, opens his fly and takes out his cool weapon. A large stream wets the wall. Diana takes a step backwards, but soon returns. The bodyguard shakes his bat. Diana notices that the boy is armed twice as much as her husband, who since the birth of their second son has been avoiding her for many months. Always supposedly on official business trips and when he comes back, like tonight, he says he is too tired and has to sleep.

The bodyguard is still shaking his holy weapon. The princess is overcome by a strange feeling and instinctively grabs the window curtain with both hands. The curtain moves. With the speed of light the bodyguard casts a glance at the window; their eyes meet. Princess Diana withdraws quickly. The palace guard puts his natural baseball bat away in his trousers and closes his fly with difficulty.

The princess throws herself onto the canopy. The scene she just beheld chases all other thoughts away. She starts turning around on the bed and puts her leg over her husband. He turns around and pushes her leg away. "Let me sleep, bitch," he mutters.

Diana shrinks. She begins to breathe rapidly and suddenly imagines her husband making love with Camel. She bites her lip, stands up and walks to a large mirror. Loosening the bows of her pink silk sleeping gown embroidered with small violets, she strokes her swollen breasts. Slowly she edges to the window, peers out and again her eyes meet the gaze of the palace guard. The princess withdraws, but immediately goes back to the window and looks at him. He waves and gives her a sign to come over. Again she pulls back and ponders what to do. She casts a glance to the bed. Charles snores like a steam locomotive struggling to mount a hill. The princess goes to the baby lying in a gold cradle and notes that Harry is also asleep.

Her mind is made up, she decides to go out.


Princess Diana approaches the bodyguard. Full of desire, he pulls her toward him. Their lips melt.

"What if somebody sees us?" Diana whispers.

"Doní worry! No one comes here."

The bodyguard grabs her by the hand and leads her to the front door of the palace. There they stop. He caresses her, she embraces him. They kiss again. The princess looks anxiously to the window of her bedroom; everything seems in order. He caresses her breasts. She breathes hysterically. The boy raises his hand under her silk nightgown, grabs her panties and pulls. The silk panties tear.

"Are you crazy!" she protests.

The palace guard stops the panties quickly in his pocket and opens his fly. He grabs her thighs with both hands, lifts her up and presses her against the door.

She loses control and closes her eyes.

He enters her with full force. "Aaaaaaai" she shouts.


"Aaaai! Aaaaai!"

"Pssst! "

"Aaaaa! Aaa! Aa! Aa! Aa! Aa

The princess looks back instinctively to the window of the bedroom curtains and believes them to be moving. "Charles!" †† The guard takes not the slightest notice of her.

She grabs him by the hair and pulls. "Barry! Charles is standing at the window!"

The palace guard presses even harder. "Donít worry! He likes to watch!"

"You're crazy!"

He pulls her thighs forcefully towards him. "I am! I am!"

"Aa! Aa! Aa! Aa! Aa! Baariiii! Aaaa! Aaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaa!"


Like a professional thief Princess Diana steals slowly into the bedroom. Charles is still snoring. She feels relieved and notes that it was her imagination that someone looked out of the window. Quickly she goes to the bathroom and opens the shower. The cold water refreshes her.