This Book Is a Modern Fairytale


About a Princess Who Doubtless Is Still Alive Today…


There is almost no one on earth, who has not heard of this angel.

Married to the most powerful prince of the world,

She is modest, beautiful and like all angels, faithful and honest.


An avalanche of anger and profanity stained her dress,

But not her soul.

Angels are immortal.


In this fairytale, which may very well be true,

Because all fairytales are after all true,

Princess Diana comes in contact

With many two-legged earthly creatures,

Who hope that by reaching for her body

They too will become immortal.


Her love for the unfortunate prince flamed with glow.

She tried to serve by giving him

All that every mortal woman can give.

She loved him – and he probably her.


But these two-legged creatures do not grant

Nor wish eternal love for anyone, prince or not.

Slowly but surely dreadful teeth

Gnawed millimeter by millimeter off their happiness.

Then many set out, unaware of each other,

To seize the injured Diana.


They succeeded.

All that is destructive in this world bears fruit.


And so the love between the heavenly angel

And the earthly prince came to an end.

But fortunately the fate of an angel, let alone this special one,

Is not forever in the hands of two-legged creatures.


And thus the heavenly angel in this story is still alive,

Be it in slavery....


Slobodan Radojev Mitric