From a letter by Slobodan Mitric: “The collage on  the front page of Operation Twins II shows the atomic bomb of the CIA that CIA Director Turner and Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2003 showed to the world in order to ‘prove’ that Saddam Hussein supposedly had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In reality, however, these were photos taken by "top CIA agents".

Based on this "evidence" Iraq was bombed flat and these weapons were never found. This was because the CIA had recovered them from Iraq and - in the same manner that they were smuggled into Iraq (by boats) - hid them in underwater forts, as shown already in the preview chapter of Operation Twins II available on internet since 2005…The entire second part of Operation Twins deals with the "nuclear bombs of Turner and Powell".

That front page shows the CIA nucleur bomb installation on the boat (owned by an Egyptian from Alexandria, who has nothing to do with this smuggling); that is why I placed the CIA stamp under the nuclear bomb installation on the bow of that boat.

Saddam had no WMD’s on the basis of which he could be charged, which is why the CIA decided to show such an nuclear bomb installation that was mobile, because it  could be moved about by train or trucks. This was a good idea, but also very bad, because in this way terrorists were given the idea that you could move an nuclear bomb installation around via mobile means, such a mobile transportation method is for example a boat.

This joke by the CIA can be hallmarked as: shipment back to sender.

Through this Operation Twins II collage, I wanted to show the world that we should not play around with such deadly serious matters.

And do realize that the CIA will have to justify why they have shown their own nuclear bomb installation in public thereby demonstrating how small nuclear factories can be moved around. This is the highest form of idiocy.


Conclusion: This nuclear bomb installation on the front page of Operation Twins II is a photo of the CIA nuclear installation that supposedly Saddam Hussein possessed…”