Appendix 6




L’Atelier de la Liberté

IRIS & Slobodan

Zeeburgerdijk 25, 1093 SK Amsterdam


December 12, 2006




Postbus 30412

2500 GK ‘s-Gravenhage




Hoping that you and your distinguished family are in good health, which I wish for all of you, I hereby take the liberty to write you a few words. I will pay attention to several (for me) important facts:

1. The reason for my visit to The Kingdom of The Netherlands

2. My arrest on December 25, 1973

3. The contract with the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia  (SFRY) and The Kingdom of The Netherlands, mediated by XX, on December  25, 1973 to keep this top state secret classified for a period of 50 years. [this contract included]: political asylum   legal protection –  plastic surgery – a new identity – material compensation for the damage inflicted – freeing me from any imposed guilt in relation to self-defense in the face of the assassination attempt carried out in a joint action by the Yugoslav and Dutch national Secret Services against me on December 24 and 25, 1973,  because of desertion or, as the Dutch crown has defined it: high treason, because of my rejection to kidnap or kill the General Secretary of the Communist Party for Western Europe.  

4. The contract with the government of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the United States of America on December 26, 1973 mediated by the BVD (Dutch internal security service) and the CIA, pertaining to everything stated under point 3, that the name of the XX not be included in the new contract…  This contract refers to the period from March 1973 until that fatal December 24 and 25, 1973 of the secret joint action “Tjiko” which I led personally: the kidnapping –  and should that not succeed – the killing of Marxist-Leninist leader colonel  Vladimir  Dapcevic, who personally sent Mao Tse-Tung to Paris at the end of the sixties to prepare the cultural revolution in Western Europe…

At the personal request of Tito, the president of Sweden Olaf Palme gave me my passport back and also made it possible for me to visit the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Belgium several times in the period between March and June 1973 in order to prepare the above-mentioned operation.  

In June 1973, I left the Kingdom of Sweden for good and moved to the BENELUX, where with the help of ten men, chosen by TITO and XX, I successfully arranged the above-mentioned operation. The Albanian from Skoplje Enver Madunjanin (Marko) and the Macedonian Mihailo Kuci (Batke) were informed about the plan of action, for which they were promised amnesty for their criminal actions in the SFRY and the BENELUX.

Both of the above-mentioned men made a written statement about the nature of their engagement to the police after we were arrested by the national Secret Service (I arranged that because of the above-mentioned promise). When the chief of police in The Hague threatened to take this matter to the Dutch Parliament, he was prevented from doing so: heart attack!

The then Prime Minister of The Netherlands Joop Den Uyl wanted to start a debate in Parliament because of everything that is stated here: he was prevented from doing so, felled by a stroke…





The caption reads: “We wish her Majesty Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus (whom we wish a speedy recovery) and all members of the Royal Family, a Merry Christmans and a very Happy New Year.

The Serbian Army”

The then Minister of Internal Affairs Ien Dales agreed to give me all the secret dossiers, she was felled by a heart attack…

The first director of the BNV [Bureau National Security]  Hans Teengs Gerritsen wanted to relate some reminiscences in his memoirs regarding our joint adventures – felled by a heart attack.  

The High Commissioner of the Amsterdam police decided after his retirement to publish a book entitled MY FRIEND KARATE BOB – felled by a heart attack.

Your late husband [Prince Claus] pleaded for my complete amnesty and rehabilitation – he was impeded by euthanasia.

Governor Cliff Finch wanted to become the President and to give me citizenship of the USA – he was felled by a heart attack...

CIA Director William Casey wanted to rehabilitate me – felled by a stroke…(One of the New Year’s greetings of the Serbian Army to the Queen of The Netherlands. The photographs are from the archive of communist members of the IDB [Inlichtingen Dienst Buitenland – Dutch equivalent of the CIA] who still harbor sinister plans to destroy the Kingdom of The Netherlands)

President Ronald Reagan wanted to rehabilitate me – he was impeded by Alzheimer…

Dr. Milorad G. Markovic wanted me to testify in front of the Senate in the USA about the above-mentioned actions – he disappeared from the face of the earth… 

General Raymond Healey wanted me to testify to the US Congress and Senate –  first, one of his legs was cut off and when, on crutches, he started to become a threat, he was impeded by Alzheimer…etc, etc. since the Dutch government of The Netherlands ntensified its subversive actions directed against me and my personality (character assassination)  with the aim of HIDING THE TRUTH.

That is why I am forced, dear Beatrix, to write everything to you, because you are now the Head of the state who is dealing with my head. I beg you to stop the latest maltreatment by some of the Ministries and certain individuals, because I do not believe that you have anything to do with their evil intentions…  Since the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has ceased to exist (and in the same time the contract with ex-Yugoslavia and the still existing Kingdom of The Netherlands) I am afraid that the other party is not going to respect it.  It is therefore not difficult with all the vassals of the remains of today’s Yugoslavia on your side to play with open cards and to listen to all the various people, whom I will address through the United Nations, and then to reach the final decision on my execution or rehabilitation.

I am prepared to do my best in order that the truth about me and my case be finally confirmed, or if somebody so wishes, let him shove it under the table.

Dear Queen Beatrix, in this letter I have attached a short open letter to the President of what remains of Serbia, BORIS TADIC, so that you two can still strike a deal, because Tito and XX are already with God or the Devil


Brief Koningin - Aanval op Den Haag.jpg (The photograph on the left is taken from the archive of the journal The Serbian Army, published at the beginning of the nineties. The man on the photogaph,  Nikola Kavaja, has nothing to do with those terrorists. He is one of the redactors of The Serbian Army, a political immigrant and an ex-colonel of the CIA.) 

International terrorists had  planned to destroy the heart of The  Netherlands  by a plane,  which was averted by the Reserve Police International (RPI). Grateful [Dutch politician] Rita Verdonk now wants to have the General Director of RPI liquidated.


On this occasion, I want to remind you that I forestalled the kidnapping and the murder of your eldest son in 1987 by corrupt members of your Royal Security Service and averted as well as your planned assassination in 1981.  

As a director of the Reserve Police International, I sent all the relevant details to the head of the security of the Royal family: Col. Egbert Spierenburg – N. Beetslaan 23, Baarn.

Regarding your son I, sent everything to Mr. Jansen and the head of National Security at that time  P. Verkerk from Central Command  Palace Noordeinde in The Hague, because, as you know, he was fired from his job and have since been informed that Jansen was transferred to your sister Margaret’s castle Het Loo.       


Many regards and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007.


Yours sincerely,


Slobodan Pivljanin