Appendix 4


1948 -  Born on March 1 in Vojvodina in northern Serbia

1965 - Writes a play The Little Pickpocket and a collection of poems The Granddad of my Granddad Black Karmatovic (seized by the Yugoslav Secret Service UDBA).

1968 - Karate and jiu-jitsu trainer of counter-intelligence CBOB and U.S. marines in Belgrade.

1969 - Karate coach of the West German and Swiss Secret Services.

1970 - Karate coach of the Norwegian Royal Guard, the Norwegian National Karate Team and the intelligence service of NATO (SION) in Oslo.

1970 - MI6 and the CIA in Oslo make a karate movie of Slobodan Mitric.

1971- Karate coach of the Swedish intelligence SEPO and IB and the Stockholm karate club and military academy in Uppsala, Sweden; disarms the Croatian secret agent and skyjacker Tomislav Rebrina.

1972 - Arrested for seriously mistreating dozens  of terrorists and the alleged rape of a number of Swedish women. Writes the novel The Belgrade Underworld (seized by the Secret Service of Yugoslavia, SDB). Appointed head of special operations dept. of Reserve Police-International (RPI) for the Benelux and Scandinavia.

1973 - Survived a liquidation attempt in Sweden by the Yugoslav Secret Service (SDB). Attacked by the SDB in Belgrade by some twenty secret agents. Refuses to carry out a state liquidation of the Secretary-General of Marxist-Leninist Party of Yugoslavia and head of the KGB in Europe, the Montenegrin immigrant Dapsevic in Brussels;  during a subsequent shoot-out in Amsterdam three Yugoslavians are killed.

1974 - Sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for alleged triple murder.

1976 - Writes "Murder Machine of Belgrade" (seized by the CIA).

1979 - Publishes in Serbian under the name Zoran Jovanovice ten episodes of a short novel of Confessions of a Disgruntled Spy in the London-based Yugoslav political-cultural magazine Nasa Rec.

1979 - Transferred to the prison in Veenhuizen.

1981 - Publishes in Dutch The Big Karate Book of Karate Bob, makes karate movie The Karate Bob; becomes director and chief editor of the magazine Karate Europe. Presents a list of 100 double agents to U.S. Ambassador Paul Bremer in Den Haag.

1982 - Co-owner and director of dozens of sport shops in the Benelux with headquarters in St. Willibrord, co-owner and director of the sport machines factory Adonis in Tilburg. Appointed director for the Netherlands of Reserve Police-International in Tucson, Arizona. Writes in Serbian the “science-fiction” thriller in three parts Operation Twins (seized by the CIA). Publishes in Dutch Tito’s Secret Agent and Tito's Murder Machine. Transferred to an isolation cell in Rotterdam.

1983 - Sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for alleged rapes of prostitutes.

1984 - Publishes a play Bible of the Man without Faith that is staged in prison with his fellow inmates.  Warns the Dutch government from prison about the sale of stolen plutonium and uranium. Transferred to prisons in Haarlem and Leeuwarden. Appointed chairman of the Association of Foreign Detainees on Dutch territory. Inhuman treatment and even torture in the prisons seriously undermine his health.

1985 - Appointed under the name O. Milos Vojinovic to editor of the U.S. monthly for political emigrants Srpski Glasni (The Voice of Serbia). Publishes The Dutch Mafia (partly confiscated, the rest bought up).

1986 - Writes at the request of  Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Bob Dole, Philip Crane and others a top secret memorandum How to End the Cold War and Liberate Western Europe from the Communist Yoke. Memorandum is accepted.

1986 – Begins forewarning to various US authorities of attacks with planes crashing onto strategic targets in New York and Washington.  English translation of Operation Twins is seized by the CIA, the planned film is abandoned. Released from prison. Prevents deportation to Yugoslavia by a court injunction (all subsequent requests for a residence status in the Netherlands are rejected). Receives honorary doctorate in law for his trilogy Operation Twins from the Arizona College of Police Science in Tucson, Arizona.





Appointed Europe Director of Reserve Police International (RPI) and of World Atomic Contra Espionage (WACE).


1987 - Warns of plans to kidnap and kill Crown Prince William Alexander of Netherlands and Gerrit Jan Heijn.

1987 - Sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for alleged rape that is described in this book as a “harmless” love affair.

1988 - Created a series of paintings and dozens of icons about the Battle of Kosov in 1389. Appointed chairman of the Serbian Commission for Human Rights for the Benelux and Scandinavia.

1989 - Published a poetic play The Battle of Kosovo.

1990 - Writes, again at the request of the U.S. government, a top secret  memorandum How to Liberate the Yugoslav people from the Communist Yoke. For Serbia, Slobodan Mitric demands an advance payment of one billion and seven hundred million U.S. dollars. Demand is refused. Starts in Amsterdam a trilingual journal The Serbian Army / L'armée Serb.

1991 - Begins with the independent Dutch artist Iris de Vries the magazine L'Atelier de la Liberté.

1992 - Marries Iris de Vries. Refuses offer of the Dutch government, which had supplied him with a diplomatic passport, to cooperate with the  Dutch Foreign Intelligence Service (IDB) in liquidating a KGB director in Moscow.

1993 - Appointed global director of Reserve Police-International by retired General  Raymond J. Healey. Appointed Minister of Defense of The Free State of Serbia; his wife Iris de Vries refuses to accept her appointment as President of the World Anti-Marxist International.

1999 - Publishes Operacija blizanci (Operation Twins, Part 1) in Serbian in Amsterdam.
2000 - Begins, usually together with his wife Iris, a number of movies: including The Artist Robert Jan Kelder, Amsterdam Jazz, The Shepherd - the Return of Karate Bob, The Director Erik de Vries, Magic Ball Hans Snoek , Erik and Hans, Complaint by Iris de Vries, Hare Krishna, Sarah and Violette à Paris, Iris à Paris, Gay Pride 2000.


2005 - Publishes a new English translation of Operation Twins part I with many documented appendices on his life and work.

2006 - Publishes new English partial translation Operation Twins II; prevents imminent deportation from the Netherlands after the death of his wife Iris de Vries, edits and publishes a book The Boulevard of Bygone Chances by his late wife.

2007- Publishes a second book Liberty of the Press by Iris de Vries.

2008 – Publishes the original Serbian version of The Golden Tip. Later the Dutch version De Gouden Tip is published by the Willehalm Institute Press.  Starts writing a new book that will cause the world to tremble.

2009 – After finishing this novel, publishes 30 hard-cover copies in L’Atelier de la Liberté and makes known the title: “HELP! THEY’VE KIDNAPPED ME! LADY DI”. Describes it as “a modern fairy tale about a princes who is still alive” and dedicates it again to his wife Iris de Vries. Begins with the publisher to translate the novel into Dutch and English.