Appendix  11




In Chapter 68 of The Golden Tip Dr. Troublemaker on a secret fact-finding missionn enters the caravan of the Canadian “Gipsy Scholar” Robert Jan Kelder in Amsterdam, who gives him an impromptu lecture on the royal art of social organics. Those who are interested in learning more about Rudolf Steiner’s vital views on a just and environmentally sound world economy can turn to The Just Price.



The Just Price (ISBN 978-90-73932-16-6) is an introduction in the form of three lecturers given by the German philosopher and industrialist Herbert Witzenmann in Arlesheim, Zwitserland in 1974 on the World Economy Course that Rudolf Steiner held in nearby Dornach in 1922 for students of economy. The introduction to The Just Price contains reports on the two journeys that the translator/publisher Kelder made to the US and Canada in 1999 and 2001 in an attempt to lay the groundwork there for the concept of social organics as a Grail impulse of the 20th and 21st century (described in Munsalvaesche in America – Towards the New Grail Community). The Just Price is slated to be followed by Currency as Consciousness – A New Financial System Requires a New Principle of Civilisation and Social Organics – Ideas for the Reformation of the Economy. See also Appendix 12: The Creation of an Overworld.