Appendix 10

Grail Sites.jpg


Title page of the English translation of the book by Werner Greub (ISBN 978-90-73932-03-3, Ring band A-4, 392 p.) on which the translator Robert J. Kelder based his lecture in Chapter 71 of The Golden Tip. The proposed location of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Grail Castle Munsalvaesche is designated on this map of the Arlesheim Hermitage near Basel, Switzerland by the number 7 hidden by the letter D of the word FOUND. A new proper book edition of this first volume of a trilogy on the Grail history of mankind from the time of Zarathustra to Rudolf Steiner is in preparation with 32 color illustrations and a description of the “Munsalvaesche  Research Project” to determine by means of ground penetrating radar whether the above-proposed location of Wolfram’s Grail Castle with a subterranean temple is indeed based on fact.