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Note: Translation of a note written by Roelf Ridderikhoff, editor of the national Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, recording vital information he received from Slobodan Mitric (Karate Bob) on September 16, 1987 on the kidnapping case of Gerrit Jan Heijn and other items mentioned in this book. This official note (see the Dutch original on the next page) goes a long way in proving that the contents of the first chapter are factual. The note itself is an attachment to a written request made by Slobodan Mitric dated March 17, 1990 to the Amsterdam Office of the Public Prosecutor Mr. R.A.M. Behling to summon a large number of important witnesses to the court session on March 27, 1990 in order to prove that the trumped-up rape charges against him were part of a government conspiracy to cover up the real background of his case. These witnesses include Prof. Rüter, Victor Lebesque, Mr. L.A.I.M. de Wit, Attorney General J. de Ruijter, former Dutch Premier R. Lubbers and other dignitaries such as Prince Bernard and Crown Prince William Alexander all playing a role in this book. None of the “big fish” were summoned to appear in public and Mitric was finally found guilty by judge Hermann (the judge R.H. in chapter 49) of only one of the three original rape charges levied against him and sentenced to 12 months in jail…



TITLE: KIDNAPPING                                                                                                   STORAGE:  RRD???

NEWSPAPER: VK                                                         SIGNS:                                   PUBLICATION DATE: 000000

AUTHOR:  RR10, 16/09, 22:02                                                                     MEMO:
STYLE:                                                                                          TO:                                         PRINTDATE: 17-SEP -87 TIME: 12:15

Tuesday, September 16, Slobodan Mitric (Karate Bob) tells me the following. He knows who kidnapped Heijn, what weapons they have, what the ransom is and that the kidnapping has a double bottom. These are killers with machine guns, grenades and bulletproof vests, with their backs against the wall. A powerful group is supposed to have pressed them into doing this.  This powerful group has ordered the police to liquidate the kidnappers, because they know too much about this group. This is to be done after the ransom (100 million) has been collected and Heijn murdered. According to Bob, there are links to the Gang of Nijvel. Bob says that that he knows them also. They are partly the same. The kidnappers had a list of four candidates, Heijn, Heineken for the second time, the daughter of Martin Schröder (Sophie?), and two bodyguards were to be shot - the fourth he did not mention.

One of the members of this powerful group is supposedly [police] Superintendent (Commissioner?) Sietsma, who recently has stolen 200 kilos of cocaine from one gang for the other gang. The police force is supposed to have "gone under" (corrupt). A big police strike is to be expected in two months. He says he also knows who killed Palme. He says he also knows that sixty kilograms of plutonium has been stolen from Mol on behalf of a wealthy Jordanian Palestinian in return for the payment of 500 million in diamonds, designed for two bombs. One on Tel Aviv and one on London.  Lubbers has traveled to Jordan to supposedly cover up the case. Ten barrels of radioactive waste have supposedly been stolen erroneously from Philips and dumped somewhere in a ditch. "This is worse than Chernobyl once the barrels are rusted through."

Etcetera. ...

Karate Bob wants to sell information [for] millions, but the dignitaries are not willing to lend an ear.

 His lawyer does not seem to do much. An appointment with an AG [Attorney General] has been delayed for days. He is now trying through the newspaper to make these ears more willing to listen. According to him, this powerful group is trying to gag him. He says he has evidence at his disposal and that [he] would have deposited this with a notary public.





Dutch Copy of  De Volkskrant Note


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